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Episode 004

Let's Talk About Cross Cultural Hairdressing.

On Episode 004 of The Texture Talks Podcast, I will be joined by Erica Liburd, curly hair specialist, owner and founder of curly hair salon, Muse, in Northampton, and co-founder of the Cross Cultural Curl Collective,  a collective of curly specialists from around the world, educating and training salon owners and hair professionals on how to care, treat and understand not just afro and curly hair but the cultures behind them.


Key topics covered on the episode:

  • What the landscape of British Hairdressing was like 30 years ago learning Afro hair

  • Explaining the pains and challenges faced by the afro and curly-haired community

  • Debating the July 2021 decision to make foundation-level services for curly hair the standard

  • Understanding the need for the Cross-Cultural Curl Collective and the goal of the movement 

  • What kind of training is available for salon owners and stylists looking to educate themselves on afro and curly hair with the Cross-Cultural Curl Collective

  • How our community can help uplift the movement to drive more education across hairdressers in Britain


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