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Episode 005

Let's Talk About Texturism

On Episode 005 of The Texture Talks Podcast, I will be joined by Rahma Suleiman, a healthy hair advocate for Black and Muslim women, to discuss and debate the nuances of Texturism and Cultural Appropriation in our culture.

4c_Hijabi, also known as Rahma, is a passionate advocate for healthy natural haircare within the Black and Muslim community. Healthy haircare practices. Healthy haircare minds set and a healthy understanding of how faith and hair care intersect.


Through her social media content, she aims to empower black and Muslim women by amplifying their voices and giving them access and visibility in the hair care space. She also shares advice on managing type 4 hair, focusing on unique concerns like ghusl and hijab-friendly protective styles.


Rahma is also a Co- founder of Curls, Coils, and Sisters, a haircare event dedicated to changing the negative narrative of hair care through education.


Her mission is to inspire women to embrace their natural curls and coils, fostering a community that uplifts and supports each other's haircare journeys.


Key topics covered on the episode:

  • What is Texturism?

  • Why is Texturism such an important topic?

  • Why can't a hairstyle be just a hairstyle?

  • The Influence of Western Culture on the Black Community.

  • The importance of controlling the narrative.

  • Cultural Appropriation and how the Likes of Kim Kardashian can help

  • Why the Black Community needs to start gatekeeping

  • What we can learn from Sister Locs

  • Protecting yourself legally from creative plagiarism


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