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We take a complete approach to hair and scalp health. 


Teresa Richardson founded the clinic in 2011 with a very specific focus in providing quality care and service that addressed hair loss and scalp conditions within the black and mixed race population. Her daughter Eleanore, qualified and joined the team in 2015 and they have been working together ever since.

Learn more about this game changing team here.

Healthy hair starts with a consultation.

Every new patient starts with a consultation.


This invaluable session allows our Trichologists to build up a detailed understanding of your hair and scalp history, an understanding of your medical history, your diet, your stress levels and also a chance to examine your hair and scalp in person and take samples if necessary.

We can then talk you through your diagnosis, next steps and treatment recommendations moving forward. No question is too silly to ask, we just hope that you bring an open mind for the answers you will receive.


Booking in.

Click the button below to fill out an enquiry form and get in touch.


From there we will reach out and get you booked in for your consultation.


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How long will it take to see progress?

Every patient is an individual with their personal case history of what their hair and scalp is going through so it is impossible to state a generic time frame. Some patients see progress in as little as 2-3 weeks, others take closer to 8 months. We can give honest guidance but we can never predict the future. Read about some of our patient stories

Do you only deal with afro hair?

We are qualified and experienced to deal with all hair types, however we have a specific focus for afro and mixed hair types as these have frequently been underserved in the hair care and trichology sectors and we want to be part of changing that.


Learn more about our focus on afro hair here.

I think I know what the problem is, do I still need a consultation?

Yes. It is great if you have already done some research but the time we take during a consultation allows us to pin down and understand the causative factors of a condition as well as identifying any other issues that may be present with your hair and scalp health. Your hair and scalp will get a full MOT alongside an incredibly informative and educational one-to-one session with our trichologists. For us, it means we can feel responsible and sure about a diagnosis and advising on subsequent treatment.

You can find out more about our consultation process here.

What do treatments involve?

All treatments will include high frequency therapy and infra-red light therapy unless there is a contra-indication present. Your scalp will be treated, cleansed and conditioned and moisturised with relevant topical products dependent on your diagnosis and what the focus of the treatment is. If hair is long enough it will be plaited into 1 or 2 french plaits for you to head home with. We do not use direct heat of any type here at the clinic, so hair will be left damp but moisturised when you are finished.

Find out more about our treatments here.

Can I do the treatments at home?

Of course. All our topical products used in the clinic are the very same grade and quality that we sell online, however our anti-inflammatory range is only available to purchase after a consultation. Naturally in-clinic treatments will be more intensive due to the addition of high frequency therapy, infra red light therapy and our professional ionizing micro-mist steamers. They also happen to be very relaxing!


Ready to book in? 

Click the link and fill out our enquiry form and we will get back to you very shortly to get you booked in. 

Don't forget to use TEXTURETALKS5 for 5% off your consultation fee!

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