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Episode 003

Lets Talk About Relaxers.

On the first half of this episode of Texture Talks, Samantha Stewart, Senior Consultant Trichologist, will be talking to listeners about the truth about relaxers.


As co-founder of innovative digital trichology start-up, Curl iD, an incredible business offering personalised guidance for the afro and curly haired community, with 29+ years of experience, and a distinction from the Institute of Trichology, Sam holds a wealth of knowledge about the hair, and scalp of the afro and curly haired people, and will be shedding light on a topic that we all know too pun intended.

Key topics covered on the episode:

  • What relaxer exactly is, and the correct way to use it

  • Understanding the misconception of it being a 'hair straightener'

  • Learning the science of corrosion and how this applies to relaxers and our scalp health

  • Debating the issues around connecting medical conditions to the use of relaxers

  • Why relaxers should never have been sold to consumers in the first place

  • How to maintain a relaxer and retain length


The second half of the episode will have Sam answering your biggest challenges direct to give you, our listeners, the professional advice you really need to ensure your hair is thriving! 

She will be answering questions such as

  • How can I thicken my naturally thin hair?

  • How can I do my treatments correctly?

  • What are the long-term effects of bleaching on my scalp?

  • How can I retain length once I've had a baby?

Make sure you tune in April 2nd to listen AND watch! 


This episode is not to be missed!!


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