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Hosted By, Paige Lewin


#TextureTalks is an honest, insightful and often hilarious deep dive into the ups and downs of daily life for the curly, kinky and afro hair community fronted by a straight talking, dry humoured black female host with over 15 years experience caring for her afro hair with a hell of a lot to say about it! 


"Texture Talks is more than a podcast. It is part of a bigger movement!"


"Paige is an exceptional podcaster who exudes confidence and captivates her audience with her engaging presence. "

"I’ve learnt so much about the experiences her and many of her guests and listeners go through. It’s educational, it’s fun, and it’s delivered with warmth and humour by a brilliant host."

"A friend of mine from Uni actually directed me to her Instagram page and I’m so happy they did because I immediately felt like I could relate to everything coming out of her mouth!"

"Paige has the ability to make every voice feel heard.

She listens deeply and connects the dots that others might easily miss. Her achievements are not a result of luck; she is undeniably gifted."

"What Paige is doing with her podcast is much needed. She is giving a voice to individuals who don’t all ways have a platform to speak."


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