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Episode 027

Season Finale: Q&A With The UK's First Ever Afro Hair Coach

On Episode 027 of Texture Talks, I will be doing an in depth Q&A Session with Enitan Agidee, NHS Trained Afro Trichologist Science Hair Coach and owner of  a multiple award winning product line of hair care products. Enitan is also the founder of the Healthy Hair Studio based in London, which aims to dispel as much misinformation as possible ou in the afro and curly hair community.


 Over the years, Enitan has continued to update her knowledge by taking numerous training; she also went ahead to become a Trichologist which was a heavy time and financial investment. But she understood that it was necessary to get the essential science foundation and credibility which would enable her to fill the gap desperately needed in the black hair community.


Join us on the Season Finale of Texture Talks, where we spend an hour digging into the toughest questions in the community, some of the biggest statements from across the season, and to learn some new information straight from Enitan that many of us have likely never heard before.

This is a BIG episode and not one to be missed!


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