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Episode 026

Let's Talk About Hair Care Challenges When Adopting Black Children into White Families

On Episode 026, of the penultimate episode of Season One of Texture Talks, I will be speaking to Tanisha Shedden, a Counselor Coach and speaker but also a transracial adoptee who was raised by white parents.


This made her natural hair Journey very unique , together we unpack the cultural impact for black children and children of colour, that are adopted into white families or families outside of their own race, and discuss ways we feel as women of colour ourselves this can be remedied to ensure that the children are able to still feel a connection to who they are or a distance fro.  the hair they have on their heads.


This was such an incredible conversation, and I can't wait to share it with you!


Tanisha Shedden, also has her own podcast @foundlifepod where she posts about mental health and healing and Trauma which you should definitely check out!


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