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Episode 020

Let's Talk About The Swirly Curly Method

On episode 20 of Texture Talks I'll be joined by Keziah Dhamma, Founder and CEO of Swirly Curly Hair Care Products, who much like many of us in the afro and curly haired community, struggled to find products, routines and advice about her curls that actually worked.

In addition to creating this incredible product line born of her own challenges with her hair, Keziah has also invested her time heavily in education, launching her very own Curl College,  and Swirly Curly method to help break down the stigmas, crack open the myths, and really explain curly and coily hair in a beautifully simple way that I personally have never heard our hair explained before...I listened and think its the easiest guide and the best education for our hair that I've listened to yet.

Join me and Keziah as we talk about her experiences with her curls growing up in Sacremento California, the difficulties and bad advice she got along the way, some amazing tips and tricks we can take away and use ourselves and I dig into what makes the Swirly Curly method so different to the countless other methods we've all heard of already so we can have the kind of beautiful, healthy curls, that we can be proud of!


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