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Episode 017

Let's Talk About Cultural Challenges Raising Neurodivergent Children of Colour

On episode 017 of Texture Talks I'll be talking to Marsha Martin, the founder of a support group called Black SEN Mamas created to uplift, connect and connect black mothers like herself with neurodivergent children.

As the creator of an incredible hub of info, advocacy & support, for the community of Black Mothers and sole carers, of SEND/neurodiverse children, in the UK, me and Marsha will be discussing, the challenges faced by SEN children, particularly those with SEN issues as far as their hair maintenance.


There are serious social stigmas and judgments Marsha and the other mothers in her support group receive from the Black community which grossly impacts their mental health, and this episode will unpack these challenges and get into the nitty gritty of what we as a community need to do better to accomdate and support Black SEN families.


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