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Episode 015

Lets Talk About South Asian Colourism in Curls

On episode 015 of Texture Talks I'll be joined by Dolly Sembi, a curl specialist and a curly haired woman of South Asian decent who spent many years battling with her own relationship with her curls as a result of her own cultures negative feeling towards them stemming from a deeper issue of colourism at the core of her community.

From being raised in the UK fighting western beauty ideals to learn to love her natural curls and going against the grain of her own parents beliefs to raising a young mixed-heritage South Asian and Jamaican son in grossly unforgiving and unaccepting environments, Dolly has powered through against all odds to current day, where she now not only fully embraces her beautiful natural curls but helps people from every race, background and age to do the same as a hair professional, and has an important story to tell.

PHOTO-2023-05-30-02-53-51 4.jpg
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