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Episode 018

Let's Talk About Understanding Products, Ingredients and Labels...Properly

On Episode 018 of Texture Talks I will be speaking to Skye Richards, a young, vibrant and incredibly knowledgeable business owner and founder of Alyisum Beauty, a natural range of hair and skin care products, talking about how to REALLY read product labels to help us truly understand what is going onto our skin and scalp and into our hair.

Skye prides herself on understanding the ins and outs of the ingredients in her products, ensuring they are the best quality for afro and curly hair, and from making her own hair care products from the TENDER AGE of 13, she has a lot of knowledge to share, a lot of which I am sure will seriously surprirse and shock you as they did me.

Expect to learn how to read a label correctly, how to know how much of what ingredient your really getting and why its so important to understand product labels to this degree when shopping around.


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